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Mirasha’s Neem Leaf Powder is 100% pure as we formulate our organic Neem Leaf Powder by using only pure neem leaves that we source directly from farmers across India. To buy Neem Powder online, you can select the right option that is available in the packs of 250 grams and 100 grams. Buying neem Leaf Powder online with Mirasha is completely safe and secure.   

Neem, scientifically known as Azadirachta Indica, is highly acknowledged for its medicinal properties. People in India chew its leaves and consume it in powder form to have several health benefits. Consuming organic Neem Leaf Powder as per your ayurvedic doctor’s advice, you can detoxify your body, improve your oral & dental health, promote hair growth, improve skin health & glow, get rid of dandruff, treat ringworm, and lower your sinus problems.


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