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Known as Indian gooseberry, people call it Aanwla, Awla, Aamla, Amala, etc. Amla is a medium-sized tree with leaves close to its branches. Its flowers are green-yellow and fruits are greenish yellow. The fruits ripe in autumn and are harvested by hand. All parts (roots, seed, barks, leaves, flowers, and fruits) of amla are used in dried, raw, juice, and powder forms to get its medicinal values. People in India also use it as a pickle and sweet dish.  

If you are willing to buy organic Amla Powder, Mirasha is the right option for you. In the making process of Amla Powder, we use only 100% organic amla. And so, our Amla Powder is free from any additives such as soy, corn, sugar, gluten, dairy, and nuts. To buy Amla Powder online, you can select the right option. We offer our organic Amla Powder in the packs of 250 grams and 100 grams. You can use our Amla Powder to treat sore throat, cough & cold, indigestion, skin issues (mainly facial look enhancement), and improve immunity. 


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